Procurement teams?
That's just where the benefits start.

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As a procurement team you support multiple internal and external stakeholders who depend on you to keep the organisation running smoothly. VendorPanel helps you deliver for your organisation because it works for everyone in that network.

Procurement Teams

  • Provide strategic value

  • Run more efficient processes

  • Improve compliance

  • Reduce risk

  • Increase savings and value delivered

Executives, CEO, Finance

  • Manage financial, legal, reputational risk

  • Drive supply chain efficiency and value

  • Access data-driven insights

  • Demonstrate social and economic impact


  • Access a wider supplier base

  • Save up to 2.5 hours per RFQ

  • Evaluate suppliers over time


  • Easy to register and get started

  • Access new business opportunities

  • Smart, easy-to-use reporting

CSR & Diversity

  • Introduce certified social and Indigenous-owned businesses to your supply chain (membership may be required)

  • Provide buyers direct access to these suppliers

  • Drive and report on  real social change

Economic Development

  • Identify best-fit suppliers and service-providers in your local region

  • Connect them with your buyers through VendorPanel Marketplace

  • Measure progress against local content targets or other goals

Read more about Security or learn how VendorPanel can help with Social Procurement or Local Economic Development.
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