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Fire Rescue Victoria manages contract deliverables and gains complete lifecycle control

Government Agency | 2 min read
Case Study FRV

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) was struggling to maintain control of its contract management activities using individual spreadsheets. Contracts would roll over before there was time to evaluate supplier performance and draft new agreements.

Another issue that needed addressing was role allocation. FRV needed a better way to keep track of who was responsible for each action and who could give the required approvals.

Overall, FRV realised they needed to take control of their contract management and that a digital, web-based software solution was the answer.

To find out how Fire Rescue Victoria has benefited from using VendorPanel’s solution for contract management, click below.

    Key Challenges

  • Using disconnected spreadsheets to manage FRV contracts was causing control issues
  • Contracts were often rolled over without being properly reviewed and revised
  • It was not clear who was responsible for contract-related activities and approvals
  • Key Results

  • Spreadsheets were replaced with a central, consolidated, web-based contract solution
  • Contracts are now tracked and managed using automated workflows and notifications
  • There is now a systemised method of assigning roles, permissions and approval workflows

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