The configurable Source-to-Contract platform
for government and public procurement

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Hundreds of State Governments, Agencies and Councils rely on VendorPanel to run best-practice, compliant procurement processes. Some use it as their full Source-to-Contract platform. Other, larger organisations have integrated VendorPanel into their procurement ecosystem, with the platform providing deep functionality in specific areas.

Government clients and agencies use VendorPanel to manage activities that include:


One platform to manage sourcing; supplier discovery, evaluation and management; and contract management. With data-driven insights and advanced analytics to drive informed business decisions.

Decentralised sourcing

Buying staff source from internal and external supplier lists and the Marketplace, in a controlled environment that comes with an easy-to-use interface. You get transparency of sourcing across the organisation.

Panels and prequalification

Management of multi-user lists & preferred supplier lists is simplified, increasing spend under contract and driving competition and transparency.

Whole-of-Government arrangements

Award-winning innovation allows you to securely share access to sector-wide panels, with best-practice processes and integrated reporting.


Management of public tenders can be streamlined within your broader procurement platform, with integrated evaluation tools, powerful reporting and one-click governance reports.

Local economic development programmes

Staff can quickly and compliantly request ad-hoc quotes from local suppliers, with increased savings and reduced risk. You get real time insight into the value of high-impact local spending.

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Social procurement initiatives

Social enterprises can be integrated into your mainstream supply chain, helping you make measurable impact, drive economic development and support CSR objectives.

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Working with clients, VendorPanel is building a rich integration ecosystem that will streamline your procurement processes, speeding delivery of benefits from efficiency to control and risk reduction.

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A sample of Government clients

Local Government Procurement

Whole of Victoria Government

VendorPanel has been established as a Victorian Government procurement platform under a State Purchase Contract. Department of Premier & Cabinet uses VendorPanel to manage the whole of government eServices register with over 1,700 Suppliers.

Government Procurement software

Whole of Queensland Local Government

LocalBuy uses VendorPanel to give Queensland Councils better access to its preferred supplier panels. In addition to whole-of-state panels, the platform allows Councils to upgrade to manage their local supplier lists and panels, and to access other local suppliers in the Marketplace.

Public Procurement System

Whole of Queensland State Government

Queensland Government Procurement uses VendorPanel to give all Departments and Agencies access to its preferred supplier panels for Engineering, Legal Services and Consulting and Professional Services.

Public Procurement Management

Mildura Rural City Council

Mildura is one of dozens of councils that use VendorPanel to manage local government procurement, accessing pre-qualified supplier lists and panels, and identifying and engaging with local suppliers on the Marketplace.

VendorPanel Mobile lets buyers create and manage requests any time, anywhere, posting them to preferred lists or on the open Marketplace. Suppliers use mobile (for iOS and Android) to be even more responsive.
Benefits of Mobile
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