Integration with VendorPanel is fast, easy and secure. It can be delivered via a RESTful API, through custom integrations, or by using a suite of connectors to seamlessly integrate with your core applications. All integrations use industry standard authentication protocols (OIDC, OAuth2, SAML2P) and role-based access control. Read on for an overview of integration types.

Upstream integrations. Link to processes and systems like procurement planning and go-to-market approvals that take place before VendorPanel manages a sourcing event. Enable single sign-on (SSO) to improve security and user experience and to reduce administration in access control.

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Downstream integrations. Connect your procurement process to ERP and P2P, Contract and Document Management systems, BI and other tools. Leverage the detailed data that has been created in the sourcing process. 

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Supplier Intelligence integrations. Bring third party data into the procurement process, ensuring that buyers are fully informed to make faster and smarter sourcing decisions. Provide them with compliance and risk information, social procurement and sustainability data, or any other data you require.

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Platform integrations. Have your IT team or system integrator engage with the VendorPanel platform and processes to deliver new services, data consistency, flexibility and value. This type of integration underpins our popular mobile app. 

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