VendorPanel uses innovative procurement technology to help government and corporate buyers engage with suppliers in their local economy and community.

It drives regional economic development, captures powerful data, and helps reduce risk with award-winning transparency, governance and probity.

By making it easier to identify local capability, organisations using
VendorPanel have ended up using local suppliers 84% of the time.
And they get great value, with a cost avoidance rate of 9.74%!
(Independently audited data)

“Gives local suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about contract opportunities from Council.”

Lockyer Valley Regional Council, QLD

“Local Councils in Australia spend $20 billion a year on products and services, and we want to make sure that as much of that as possible goes to our local traders. VendorPanel Marketplace will contribute to making that goal a reality.”

Town of Port Hedland, WA

“One of the ways we are encouraging and facilitating local suppliers to work with us.”

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley, WA

Simple Process

Enterprise platform simplifies sourcing, evaluation and selection to drive value, providing the transparency, governance and probity that reduce your risk.

Local Suppliers

Geo-location makes it easy to find and engage with local suppliers across a wide range of mainstream and specialist categories.

Awesome Analytics

Enterprise-level reporting makes it easy to track and understand local supplier engagement, and to generate insightful dashboards.

  • Local suppliers get more opportunities
  • Economic development professionals leverage procurement spend to drive regional growth.
  • Procurement professionals get greater transparency, efficiency and probity.
  • Executives get reporting and analytics dashboards to demonstrate the positive impact of their activity.
Regional Economic Development

Technology can be a powerful enabler, but real change is about people.

BuyRegional is a VendorPanel initiative that applies enablement technology to networks that have the experience, knowledge and capability to drive local economic development. Ultimately, it's about the outcomes. BuyRegional is a way to share our experience and to help organisations leverage procurement to deliver positive social and economic impact.

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