Marketplace FAQs

Resources to help you register, set up your business profile and optimise your use of VendorPanel Marketplace

No. Register once into the category that you want to supply goods or services in, and you will be visible to all Buyer Organisations in the Marketplace. Just select your category and subcategories as you register. If you prefer, you can download the full list of categories here.

You will receive an email notification when there is a new RFQ or public tender in your category, in the geographic area that you service. It's fast easy to review the requirements and submit your quote or tender.

Once you are registered, yes. And at no cost to you. You can see current public tenders here.

Yes! It is completely free for suppliers to register, receive and respond to invitations. And if we ever offer premium services in the future, we will make them opt-in. You'll never get a surprise charge from us.

Register using your existing account (email address) so everything can be managed in one place. If your organisation has more than one user, ask your VendorPanel Administrator to register for the Marketplace using their user details so all your information stays linked. Then your Administrator can share Marketplace access with you and your colleagues.

No, however some organisations use the platform though refer to it by another name. For example WALGA (WA Local Government Association) use the platform to manage their prequalified supplier lists and call it eQuotes.

When you add invite a colleague to one of your supplier lists they will set up their own account, including their address. If, for example, the address added is in Brisbane CBD your company will appear as a supplier in this region.

Yes, they can and they can still respond to the Request. So, for example, you could have 5 Colleagues on a list and they will all receive tenders or RFQs posted to that list. If one person declines to respond, they will no longer receive notifications regarding that opportunity. Other colleagues can still respond to the Request and the Vendor Administrator will be able to see if there is a response submitted or in draft. Only if the Administrator declines to respond will the opportunity close and the buyer be notified.

We receive suggestions for new categories and review these regularly. Our category structure evolves accordingly so please submit any suggestions via

Buyers can search and identify suppliers using keywords that appear in your supplier profile, so be as descriptive as possible with regards to your capability, expertise and products.

If you click on 'Supplier lists you manage' from your dashboard there is the option to 'Preview details' - this brings up your profile as it is displayed to buyers.

You can use the green "chat" button at the bottom right of your screen to chat with our support team during normal business hours. Outside of business hours, you can leave the support team a message via the chat tool and someone will get back to you.