Contract Management

Use our automated and flexible contract management solutions or integrate your own. Ensure contract compliance, improve efficiency and eliminate errors.

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Improve visibility and tracking of contracts
Accelerate process times and approvals
Manage supplier performance, compliance and risk

As part of the VendorPanel platform, Advanced Contract Management is a powerful, proven solution for the source-to-contract lifecycle. Already using a contract management tool? VendorPanel can integrate with most leading solutions on the market.

At the end of your procurement event, it’s easy to transfer sourcing and evaluation details into Advanced Contracts, where you can establish and manage the contract.
Your contracts are unlikely to be one-size-fits-all. Ease of configuration in Advanced Contracts means that unique or complex requirements can be accommodated quickly and without expensive customisation.
Operational analytics, performance scorecards and SLA tracking support better decision-making. Use of a single authoring, approval and execution tool increases productivity and reduces the cost and risk of manual contract management.