Freedom of Information Management

Information is a valuable and powerful resource. Freedom of Information Management offers an efficient way to manage and workflow requests that deal with multiple documents, files and touchpoints.

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A single, central place to manage the requests, from start to finish
Cloud hosting, making it secure and accessible, any time and from anywhere
A consistent and repeatable way of handling requests

The Freedom of Information Management solution is an online case management platform that automates and digitises the process and offers an adaptable approach to managing Freedom of Information Requests. It provides a more efficient way of releasing information while making sure the process is followed and can be reported on.

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A single dashboard to see all open requests - Use the live dashboard to assess and manage FOI requests. The dashboard displays the new requests that have been received but have not been allocated to the team. This information can be used to mark the requests valid/invalid once they have been assessed.
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Track the days it takes to complete a request from start to end. This information is presented with coloured backgrounds for traffic light reporting. Furthermore, it is easy to report on invalid FOI Requests.
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Freedom of Information Management tracks and reports on the status of the request. Compliance and business rules can be built into the workflows, and since every action is logged, there is a secure audit trail available for scrutiny. Since the data is in a digital format, it can easily be searched.