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The opportunity in managing operational procurement better

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Does procurement risk keep you up at night?

Weaknesses in the procurement process can create risks with financial, safety and reputational implications. They come about when lack of oversight and control creates an environment that is ripe for exploitation or susceptible to human error. But new solutions offer ways to manage these risks.

taming the long tail

Taming the Long Tail: Is the key to unlocking procurement value hiding in plain sight?

Do advances in technology, increased commercial pressures and the emergence of procurement from a back office function, mean that it's time to look again at where procurement can add value?

Digitally Transforming Procurement

Digitally Transforming Procurement: The opportunity in the 'long tail'

According to CIPS’ Supply Management, CPOs have a historic opportunity to manage long-tail spend in a way that is cost effective, efficient and compliant. Find out more in this new whitepaper.


Procurement's Cinderella Moment: How digital solutions are transforming local government procurement

Local governments that have implemented
procurement technology have achieved gains in efficiency, control and cost savings. For other Councils, it’s time to build a case for upgrading procurement tools.


Building a business case to upgrade your procurement toolset

As organisations look to Procurement to deliver more than just lowest price, the case for going digital is hard to ignore. Moving sub tender sourcing online to get oversight and control of this spend is a realistic goal. Getting your business case over the line is an important first step.

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